A minimalist writing app to help you
focus on what matters.


Introducing Writty

In a Nutshell

Security & Privacy

Writty doesn´t store your content anywhere but locally.

Word Counter

Switch between words and characters.

Autosave Session

Write with ease of mind. Your content is always there for you.

Import 2 Formats

Open Markdown and HTML files.

Print or Save as PDF

Print or save as PDF directly from Writty.

Export in 3 Formats

Markdown, HTML, and Plain Text.

App Only

Keyboard Shortcuts

For a faster and simpler writing process.

App Only


Organise your content in up to 5 different pages.

App Only

It Works Offline!

At the beach, up in the mountains, take it with you everywhere.


It can be dark too

Introducing Writty
If you suffer from migraines or tired eyes, this is for you. 😉

Make writing simpler and easier for $8.99  (Pay once)

On the plane, at the beach or at that nice cafe with no wifi. Get the best of Writty offline and enjoy a better and simpler writing experience.

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